Love notes from past clients

Nicole & Sameer 

Working with Saroj was the first and BEST decision we made when planning our wedding. We both have very erratic schedules and we were attempting to plan a wedding in another province. We also wanted a mix of Indian and western elements and had no clue where to begin with planning a fusion wedding. Saroj made it all so smooth and effortless.

We looked forward to our meetings with Saroj because she made all of the decision-making fun and easy. We still wanted to be part of the planning process, so we loved that Saroj would send a shortlist of vendors to choose from. We were happy with every single vendor she recommended. She also went above and beyond to contribute personal touches that were so meaningful and special.

Our favourite part of working with Saroj was her responsiveness and how easy it was to communicate with her on multiple platforms. On the day of, she managed so many moving parts in multiple locations. So many of our friends and family commented on how calm we seemed around the wedding time, and we owe that calm entirely to Saroj. Watching Saroj's reaction to our awe at every detail of the day was one of my memorable moments from our wedding day - she truly puts her heart into her work and is so dedicated to her couples.

Thank you Saroj!

Alesha & Shabrez

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better wedding coordinator! My husband and I were hosting two wedding events to honor both of our cultures and traditions and were feeling very overwhelmed with not only planning two events but also having to plan this during a pandemic. I was starting to lose my excitement about planning and it was starting to take away the fun from the whole process. When I reached out to Saroj we instantly clicked and I knew she would be a good fit for us because of how open and approachable she was, her experience within the field and I could tell that she was very organized which was exactly what I needed because we were only months away from both events.

I instantly felt a relief after hiring Saroj to work with us and am so happy with the outcome. She was always available to us and extremely flexible with our busy schedules. Saroj went above and beyond what we initially talked about and I could tell that she truly wanted to make all of our wedding dreams come true. Throughout the 3 months that we worked together, I never had to stress about my "to-do" list because Saroj had that all organized for me and created a schedule for all three of us. She would tell me each week what I needed to focus on which really helped with my stress levels. I also really enjoyed using the google doc because it was easily accessible and had all of our contracts, documents, budgets, timelines etc in it. 

On our wedding day I didn't have even the slightest bit of stress because I knew that Saroj had it all figured out. I was initially most worried about everything flowing well with the timeline and everything staying on track but after working with Saroj I knew that this wasn’t something I had to even think about. Everything turned out perfect and I would recommend her to anyone! 

Thank you so much Saroj! You helped make all of our wedding dreams come true! 

Evelyn & Justin

To start off this review, our wedding day was perfect. I couldn't of asked for anything better. Saroj made the last couple of months very stress free and took care of anything we needed. I planned our wedding myself but needed a month of planner to help with all the final details and to oversee the day of. She first connected with me about 3 months before the wedding and we had quite the extensive phone call about our vision, goals for the wedding and little about ourselves. She later sent me a very detailed spreadsheet that had every little detail about the wedding and surrounding it that I needed to fill out so we could be on the same page at all times. This was continuously updated on both our ends. We finally met in person at our venue along with the venue coordinator whom she stayed in contact with for certain details. Final weeks out, she connected with all my vendors to make sure everything was in place.

Saroj was very kind, understanding, helpful and professional. She absolutely knows what she is doing. Something that stood out to me was the details I had overlooked myself. Some were so minor but very important. Never being married before, I missed things here and there that I hadn't even thought of through the planning stage.

The day of, everything went smoothly, ran on time according to the schedule we had made together and there were no hiccups. We had 160 guests at a hotel in downtown Calgary. Overseeing everything I had planned and helping my vision come true is exactly what she did. Working with her was easy and comfortable. Couldn't say a bad thing about her! She was wonderful.

Thank you Saroj :)

Amrit & Raj

My husband and I decided to plan our wedding in 4 months. Neither of us have experience with wedding vendors and we were planning on having a wedding that didn't follow our families traditional styles. Saroj made planning the wedding such a breeze and was there to support us every step of the way. Saroj is organized, professional, knowledgeable, and so easy to work with. She is so kind and truly wants the best for her couples.

All of the details were ironed out before the wedding day, and my husband and I just had to show up and have fun. Saroj took the time to research vendor options within our price range and laid them out for us to compare and choose. Once we chose our vendors, Saroj ensured any contract information was accurate and maintained communication with them. She was available to connect over phone and email throughout the process and most importantly made sure we stayed on track. I know many couples who have had a hard time planning their wedding during this pandemic, but Saroj made it so easy we would do it all over again!

Thank you, Saroj!

Saroj, we thought we were prepared, we thought we were organized, we thought we had it all figured out. This day would not have come together with you. You coordinated the shit out of this wedding, and we thank you!
I had a vision for the day and was feeling really good about all the plans. Saroj gave me a timeline for things to be done, and we were on track. Then COVID hit, my plans went out the window and I was devastated. Saroj assured me that if I wanted to postpone, she would work with me to re-schedule and re-envision my vision, and that she would be there with me every step of the way to ensure it was still a beautiful wedding.

So we decided to go for it! Saroj kept me calm and sane through all the adjustments and planning. She planned out how to keep people safe and distanced without compromising what was most important for us. I have to say that despite COVID, I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day. The day went off without any problems, and it's because of Saroj! Her calm approach was what I needed during that time. If there were any problems, I didn't hear about them and certainly didn't know about them.

In the end we were able to enjoy the entire wedding day and all of the extra special little moments of the day that Saroj had scheduled in for us, like having breakfast together, practicing our first dance, and the first look.
Saroj, we showed up at the venue, and you had everything ready! Thank you, for everything! We will treasure the memories of our COVID wedding for the rest of our lives. 

Lori & Stef

Saroj made everything seamless on our wedding day. She made sure to ask every question and that no small details were missed. Apart from the planning, the wedding day was where she shone the most. Getting people in the right places at the right time and filling in where things may have been missed by us. It gave me so much peace knowing that I didn’t have to worry about anything being forgotten or not going right - Saroj was there taking care of it! At one point our caterer brought in food items when I had specifically requested them not to, and Saroj took care of that behind the scenes ensuring that I had no idea of the problem (as I would’ve stressed about it, LOL) and the rest of the evening went smoothly and no one noticed the confusion.

She was also the coordinator of a different family members wedding that was before ours and I was able to witness how and what she did from the background. I found it fascinating… she had all her notes organized with times beside each event, what needed to be done, and who was doing it. She had all the vendor information organized in case of anything not going as planned. She was prepared for everything.

I would 110% recommend Saroj for anyone’s wedding day! You will not be disappointed!

Kaylee & Mitch

Saroj was a huge help on our wedding day. She helped us iron out all the little details that can be easily overlooked. Her attention to detail ensured that the day flowed and transitioned smoothly from ceremony to reception! I appreciated the time she took with us before the wedding in planning, we had multiple phone calls going over every detail. She also helped put together a floor plan of our reception, timelines, and more. It was certainly a service we are relieved and happy to have had!

Thank you Saroj for all your help!

Tanis & Mat