What if planning your wedding events could be fun, stress-free, & simple? So that you could communicate your vision into reality, but also continue to live your life without spending endless hours on research and planning.

That vision becomes real when you work with Emani Events! Let us handle all of the emails, timelines, productions schedules, floorplans, vendor management, and so much more.

Put the complicated and meticulous planning of your events in our hands and let us handle the nitty gritty details that you may not even know exist!

Creating fun, meaningful, memorable experiences.



Of Indian origin, denotes
faith, belief, trust

What Clients Say About Us!

Hi! I'm Saroj, the Owner and Principle Planner of Emani Events and Weddings, based in Western Canada.

With a desire to understand people and what they really need, I love connecting with couples and collaborating with them to curate the small details into their bigger picture dream.

I was drawn to weddings and events because I enjoy the logistics and creativity involved in the event production process; from working & collaborating with clients and vendors, creating timelines, designs and managing logistics, through to execution day where the vision comes alive! I am a WPIC certified wedding planner with over ten years of hands on experience in events management, hospitality, catering and marketing. Having this well rounded, hands-on experience and understanding of the industry, allows me to better plan, visualize and execute weddings from every aspect. I believe that all of my background experience, knowledge, and education is what sets me apart in the industry.

When I’m not working on producing events, I take time to travel between Vancouver, the Okanagan, and Calgary to enjoy adventures with my friends and family.

If you feel I may be the right partner in your wedding planning journey, reach out as I’d love to get to know you!

Owner & Principle Planner, WPICC

Saroj Kler

Saroj Kler


Wedding Planners Institute of Canada Certified, WPICC
Business Management Degree, BMgmt, UBC
Designers Lounge, Mentorship Program | Jessie Khaira
The Jungle, Mentorship Program | Julianne Young Weddings
Event Management Courses | Mount Royal University
Wedding Planning 101 Certificate | DreamGroup Productions Academy

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